Sunday, April 11, 2010

I can't believe it has been so long since I blogged. I have been very busy. Just got back from a week long workshop in Orlando. Leaving tomorrow for meetings in Mobile. I love traveling and meeting new people.

Had a big surprise party for one of my favorite people this weekend. Stephanie Gibson turned 51 and we really had a great birthday party at the river in Coosa County.

Andy had to quit his job in Tuscaloosa because it was costing so much in gas. He wasn't really making much anyway. I hope he can find something else closer.

Hope to start blogging more frequently!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Christmas Time?

Christmas is almost here, it's 75 degrees. I am running the a/c and wearing shorts. Our weather is crazy and it sure doesn't feel like Christmas. We are going to have a few days of cold weather, but then it is back to rain, thunderstorms and warm weather again.

I am done shopping. Kinda slim pickins this year, but the economy is bad and I do not get paid until the 31st. Used my $ from the county to help pay the bills and we have a lot of them. I got my husband the normal stuff I always get him like jeans, shirts, cologne and such. Got my daughter a foot massager and LOST the 4th season. Got my son is law some dvd's. Got my Mom some flatware (that is what she wanted) and my Dad some tee-shirts. My son got a new motor for his car and some underwear.

Going to my parents today for our family Christmas get together. WE are doing dirty Santa and eating finger foods. My husband is actually going - that will freak everyone out. I bet he has not been to my parents house in over a year.

Don't know if my son is going or not and that's okay, because my husband and my son will fuss and fight all the way there and back. Thank goodness I have plenty of Zanax.

I will be glad when it is over and we can settle down into our normal routine. I am sorry to seem like such a grinch, but I can't help it. It just doesn't feel like Christmas.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Most Wondertime of the Year

Sorry I have not blogged lately, but I have been so busy. The Christmas season is here and that means more family, church and other misc gatherings are taking place. My social calendar is full!!!

I went to spend the weekend with my Mom and Dad this past weekend. We enjoyed Christmas on the Coosa, being with one another, shopping with my daughter and sister - it was a great weekend!

This weekend is our annual DIRTY SANTA get together. We have finger foods and place dirty santa. My brother who lives is Boston and how has been in IRAQ will be home, so I am major pumped.

I love this time of the year!!!